Bergamot. Interesting Year

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The coming year, as regards the production of bergamot, seems to be quite abundant and qualitatively appreciable.

We have done some chemical extraction and analysis tests and, probably, we will see a special year.

Roberto Amedeo - Quality Manager

We are eagerly awaiting the start of the transformation and we are convinced that the supplying companies are preparing for harvesting considering that the time, at this moment, is good and is therefore favorable to the collection and transfer of products from the farm to the processing plants.

We have already provided for the maintenance of industrial machines and mechanical means and we have planned the start of work in the first week of November 2017.

Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l. it is always on the cutting edge

With the visit to the processing plants carried out during the month of October 2017 together with the pupils of the local middle school, we had the pleasure to get in touch with the managers and we had the satisfaction of finally understanding the whole process of transformation of the fruits of bergamot in essential oil.

The speakers have been very clear and very precise because they are experts and do this profession practically from birth.

We plan to return to visit the factory during the working period, thus managing to look at the machines at work and to see in practice what has been explained to us.

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The passion for citrus fruit is carried out by five generations of "artisans" who, using high processing standards, make known in the world a finished product that keeps inside something unique and unique.


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