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Juices pasteurization

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All citrus juices produced by Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l. they are depolpated, microfiltered at 30 microns, pasteurized and concentrated in hygienically protected environments.

Production is done online and in real time, there are no breaks between processing, pressing, depolping, microfiltration, pasteurization, concentration and final storage in 10,000 kg tanks. The pipes, machinery and tanks are in stainless steel and numerically controlled.

There are no impossible solutions, everything you can think of can be done.

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During the whole process of transformation, every step, every moment, every single step are monitored by both the digital control and the human eye, we can not afford to skip some procedure or see some blocked stage for any problem.

We must be ready to intervene and solve everything to avoid problems and problems on the final product.

Accurate checks and immediate analysis

The products obtained from the processing of citrus fruits are immediately stored in tanks of 10,000 kg at a temperature of -18 ° C. The pasty consistency, given by the absence of water eliminated in the concentration process, offers the products ductility and manageability useful in the preparation of shipments in 200 kg drums.

Amedeo Giovanni srl

The passion for citrus fruit is carried out by five generations of "artisans" who, using high processing standards, make known in the world a finished product that keeps inside something unique and unique.


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