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All products processed at the Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l. they are certified and traceable. The laboratory performs all the chemical-physical analyzes and draws up a number of identification of the product that will follow it in all its phases of life, from production to final use.


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At the AG there are continuous investments in technology and human resources to ensure continuity in the quality of production and to keep up with the times from the point of view of updates in processing methods and technologies used.

The experience of more than a century has made us aware that only high quality standards can compete on the market and our history has taught us that 'guaranteeing excellence' is for us the only possible way to work.

Amedeo Giovanni srl

The passion for citrus fruit is carried out by five generations of "artisans" who, using high processing standards, make known in the world a finished product that keeps inside something unique and unique.


Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l.
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Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l.

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