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Citrus processing and production of essential oils and concentrated juices
Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l. is a family company, owned exclusively by the Amedeo family and specialized in citrus fruits processing and their derivatives.
The factory, located in a few kilometers from Reggio Calabria, has three differentiated and flexible lines for the transformation of citrus fruits and works - in different periods of the year - lemons, bergamots, sweet oranges and bigarades, tangerines, clementines, lime from Sicily, cedars and grapefruits.
Inside the whole production cycle takes place: control of incoming fruit, first processing and extraction of essential oils; extraction, concentration, storage and / or freezing of natural juices; processing of the skins for the candied fruit market.
Quality control of each output product.
From the initial activity - started in 1890 by Giovanni Amedeo's grandfather and aimed only for the extraction of essential oils with the "sponge" method - the company has expanded its offer, diversifying production, and has evolved its profile thanks to a specialization in skills that has helped to refine the range of products, also using the fruits in all their components.
Currently the citrus derivatives produced by the company are essential oils, juices and peels.
Each process strictly adheres to the HACCP regulation: all the lines are checked with the best care in every phase of the transformation.
The experience gained from over a century of activity has allowed us to make prudent management decisions, always giving priority to Research and Development which, using the most advanced technologies, is able to constantly improve processes and processing machinery, guaranteeing the achievement of high levels of production, homogeneity of the lots and maintenance of the yield in the long term.
The passion with which the company is dedicated to the processing of citrus fruits is the same that characterizes the mission carried forward by five generations of industrial "artisans" who using the best standards of work can make known in the world a finished product that keeps to its inside a typical, unique product, a healthy and refined product that helps to make the world aware of a land that is harsh and savage but at the same time genuine and fantastic.

The processed products

Percentage of products processed in our company

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruit processed by Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l..

Red mandarin15%
Green mandarin10%

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The company Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l. has always been engaged in a continuous updating and upgrading of industrial plants in order to be able to achieve a high quality production.

Amedeo Giovanni srl

The passion for citrus fruit is carried out by five generations of "artisans" who, using high processing standards, make known in the world a finished product that keeps inside something unique and unique.


Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l.
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Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l.

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