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Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l.

Citrus processing and production of essential oils and concentrated juices

The history of Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l. sees its origins back in 1890, the year in which Giovanni Amedeo's grandfather decides to undertake the activity of extracting essential oils from citrus fruits.

In those years the work was done only by man with the help of particular manual tools, the so-called "tools of the trade", which Giovanni still retains as a memory of those beginnings, at the same time difficult but beautiful: the knives to cut a half the fruits, the "cavatori" - sharp spoons to empty the skins and separate them from the pulp - and the "sea sponges" to blend the skins from which then extract the oil.

The sponges, which absorbed the precious citrus essential oil from the skins, were pressed into an earthenware vessel and released an emulsion which, for some time left to decant, gave the famous "sponge essence" which, in the Orange variants , Lemon, Bergamot and others, was sold and appreciated all over the world.

From those early years to today, the company has lived the life of the family that built it and, in its 120 years of personal history, has seen the ups and downs of national and world economic history intertwine, up to the present day in the members of the new management - Giovanni's sons - continue with the same passion of their predecessors to keep the company solidly stable, renewing and improving it every day: citrus fruits are now part of their history and their life.

The AG today is also strong of a high specialization which Giovanni, with his passion, has routed his three sons: Vincenzo, the greatest of the brothers, is a doctor in Industrial Chemistry, Salvatore is a doctor in Agriculture and Roberto is a technical laboratory, specialized in Quality Control.

Each one follows - in the sphere of their skills and in family agreement - the trend, the workmanship and the general business management, starting from the cultivation of the fruits up to the sale of the finished product, passing through the citrus harvesting, processing, R&S, quality control, logistics and customer service.

The current production plants have almost centuplicated the potential quantities of citrus fruit that were processed at the beginning of this adventure, and allow to carry out adequate checks on each stage of the production process, guarantee of an excellent finished product and homogeneity of the quality even on a large scale.

The processed products

Percentage of products processed in our company

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruit processed by Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l..

Red mandarin15%
Green mandarin10%

Why choose us?

The company Amedeo Giovanni s.r.l. has always been engaged in a continuous updating and upgrading of industrial plants in order to be able to achieve a high quality production.

Amedeo Giovanni srl

The passion for citrus fruit is carried out by five generations of "artisans" who, using high processing standards, make known in the world a finished product that keeps inside something unique and unique.


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